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Social Media Platform for Business Model Types in 2024 and Beyond

Wherever you turn, social media is the buzz and thrum of modern business. And for good reason too; it’s like a bustling marketplace where brands come to life, interact with customers and, on a lucky day, turn penny tidbits into gold. It’s a space that can’t be ignored—but mate, it’s a full-on circus out there. Picking the right platform for your business can feel like attempting the world’s wackiest obstacle course.

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Don’t sweat it, though. Today, we’re going to break down this confounding conundrum, platform by platform, trade by trade. Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride across the social media multiverse. Trust me, it’s easier than eating a meat pie without the sauce getting all over your face.

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Alas, my online shopping addicts, welcome to your corner! If you’ve got products to sell and a website to house them, then you need to park your business on social media platforms that make your products stand out like kangaroo in a flock of flamingos.

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Oh, Instagram! The promised land of aesthetically pleasing feeds, trendy hashtags and influencers. With the right photo editing tools, even the plainest Jane of products can transform into the top model of the e-commerce runway. And have you tried Instagram Shopping? Talk about convenience. It’s that easy button your customers will love—you post a picture of your product and bam! They can buy it right then and there.


Facebook—the godfather, the big cheese, the head honcho—there’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of it. Its reach is tremendous and its audience vast and varied. The Facebook ads feature works like magic. You can poof up an ad that targets specific demographics and interests, and watch your products fly off the virtual shelf.


Ever tried jiving with your product? No? Well, TikTok might just be the place for it. This video-sharing cavalcade is a hit with the Gen Z crowd, with funky and fresh content that gets folks giggling and products selling like hotcakes.

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For those playing in the B2B league, it’s all about relationships and clout. You’re not just peddling products—you’re establishing a business bond. And for that, you need social media platforms that talk shop.


The business equivalent of a sophisticated cocktail party, LinkedIn is where you rub virtual elbows with the industry’s finest. It’s the perfect place to share your deep insights, highlight your innovative products, and hunt for leads.


Twitter is the social media universe’s newsroom. It’s where brands share zippy updates, follow industry trends, and engage in quick ‘n’ sharp conversations. It’s your go-to spot to promote content and stay in the loop.


Want to show rather than tell? YouTube’s got you covered. Splash informative videos about your products and services on your channel and voila – you’re not just a business anymore, you’re an authority.

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Service-based businesses

If you’re not selling a tangible product but a service, you’ll need to build trust and showcase your portfolio. This is where social media gives you a space to shine your lightsaber and ward off competition.


For service-based businesses, Instagram isn’t just another pretty platform—it’s practically an online portfolio. Share snaps and clips of your latest projects and capture behind-the-scenes moments that reassure clients: “Hey, we’re not droids—we’re real humans who genuinely love what we do!”

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Like a virtual coffee shop, Facebook gives you an intimate space to chat with potential clients and share about your business one post at a time. You can even pull out your thinking cap and share blog posts, videos, and other tantalizing tidbits about your trade.


Well, well, LinkedIn again. I know—it’s like that multi-talented mate that can do everything! With LinkedIn, you can strut your professional savoir-faire, forge powerful partnerships, and rustle up some shiny leads.

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How Canva Can Help in Social Media Marketing

Imagine tinkering around on an easy-to-use design platform that’s splashed with templates, fonts, and images. A place where you can craft and customize masterpieces for your social media campaigns. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, pinch yourself, because that’s exactly what Canva is.

Here’s how Canva can play fairy godmother for your social media marketing efforts:

    • Craft visually stunning social media posts that stop users mid-scroll. From images to videos to infographics – there’s a template for every whim and fancy.
    • Whip up custom graphics for your website and blog posts. Canva empowers you to design like a pro, ensuring your visual identity stays as consistent as captain’s calls in cricket.
    • Make videos that are real showstoppers. With Canva’s video editor, dabble in video creation for platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, and watch your engagement scores soar like an over-ambitious boomerang.

Seriously, if there was a Swiss army knife for social media aesthetics, Canva would be it.

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The great social media circus might seem dizzying, but with a few savvy strategies, you can find the right platforms to pitch your tent. Whether you’re in ecommerce, B2B, or service-based business—there’s a social media platform waiting for you to transform it into your very own stage.

Just bear in mind, as important as it is to buckle up and embrace the journey, it’s equally important to enjoy the ride. Take a breather, have a laugh, and let your unique, human charm shine through. After all, business doesn’t always have to be about the same old rigmarole. Let’s rip up the rulebook and have some fun. Now, let’s get out there and make some noise!

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